As an artist, I am drawn to nature, the beauty and color and lines.  I love the wildness, sometimes savage in nature.  The absolutely unequivical ruggedness of it. 

I love chasing wildlife.  The majestic bull elk, the newborn fawns in the spring, the buck deer as they come into rut and battle to breed a doe.  The squirrels that pose so well, the birds, so colorful.  The owls, eagles and hawks, so magestic and fierce.  Absolutely, none of my photos are taken in a zoo or game preserve.  They may be on private property (in some cases) but are free to come and go as their instincts lead them.  I will never pass off a shot of a zoo animal as something I took in the wild.  To me, that is wrong, and almost fradulent. 

My landscapes and night photography have come to be wonderful expressions of the seasons, the colors, the change we all see and go through every year.  The Northern Lights aka Auroras are a phenomenom that truly excites my soul when I see them on camera.  Sometimes even with the naked eye.  They are truly natures light show.  Sunrises and sunsets are the perfect beginning and end to a day.  A blast of color to say good morning, lets start over fresh, or to remind you that dawn is but a few short hours away, for a new beginning.  Waterfalls will make your mind wander, meandering down a stream, following the white foaming water, the fallen leaves, the branch from some unknown tree. 

This is, truly, why I do photography.  To catch moments in time, so they will never be forgotten.  So that someone else, that was not at that place, at that moment, can spend a few minutes lost at that spot.  Watching the sunset, observing a bull elk bugling in a meadow, getting excited as the Auroras dance across the northern sky in front of you.  I will continue to do so, as long as my eyes, my mind, and my body will allow me.


I started in photography in the mid 80s.  Mainly, to take pictures of family, to preserve memories and occaisions.  I slowly transformed into a wildlife photographer, chasing elk, deer, and any other critter I deemed worthy.    I am completely self taught.  Learning how to use manual settings from the get go, as I detest my art being done automaticallly for me.  It has been a long strenuous journey.  I have made many mistakes, took a lot of bad photos.  However, I am now finally to the point of displaying my work, for people to enjoy and purchase to cherish for generations long after I am gone.


My current gear list:  Canon 7D, Canon 100-400 4-5.6, Canon 70-200 2.8 IS, Sigma 18-50 2.8.

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Please enjoy your visit.  Peruse the images, and I look forward to hearing from you, when 1 stirs your soul and you wish to make a purchase.