Welcome to Bear Conceptions Photography!

  • On AlertThis big 4x4 buck has his attention elsewhere as I snuck up on him to get this shot.
  • Look Ma, I Can FlyThis fawn was showing off his aerial skills as he hurried back to his mommy.
  • My Eyes Are Down Here LadiesThis monster just stood up in front of me, on a hike.  He never spooked and stood and posed for me.
  • Newborn FawnThis little guy was just an hour or so old, when I stumbled onto him.  He was not impressed with my camera one bit.
  • Farm Land BucksEvery chance these bucks get, they are standing in the middle of some of the best alfalfa in the world, feeding and growing.
Welcome to my labor of love. A place where time stands still, and moments are captured forever.



Night Photography


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